Kauai Vacation Homes

Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

Many visitors to Kauai become enchanted with the island and dream of purchasing a vacation home on Kauai.  Unlike the other large Hawaiian islands, Kauai is much less commercial and developed.  It is relatively undiscovered.

 Vacation homes on Kauai are typically integrated among palm and mango trees into the tropical landscape rather than concentrated in sprawling housing developments.

Falling Price of Kauai Real Estate for Canadians
Cost of purchasing a US dollar in Canadian dollars

Because the value of the US dollar has dropped significantly in recent years, the cost of buying a vacation home on Kauai is now affordable for Canadians, Europeans and others.  For example, the cost of a US dollar in Canadian dollars has plummeted from around CDN$1.60 in 2004 to CDN $0.99 in 2013.  This significant drop in the value of US currency has made Hawaiian real estate much more affordable for Canadians.

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