Direct Flights to Kauai Hawaii

Kauai Hawaii Vacation Guide

The following airlines offer direct flights to Kauai Hawaii from the United States mainland and Canada:

  1. Alaska Airlines (Seattle/Tacoma)
  2. American Airlines (Los Angeles)
  3. Delta Air Lines (Los Angeles)
  4. Hawaiian Airlines (Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco)
  5. United Airlines (Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco)
  6. Westjet (Vancouver)
Flights to Kauai Hawaii
Flights to Kauai Hawaii

Visitors to Kauai from other American and Canadian cities can fly to Honolulu and then catch a short inter-island flight to Kauai.

Inter-island flights to Kauai are available from the following airline companies:

  1. Aloha Airlines (Honolulu, Kahului, Kona)
  2. Hawaiian Airlines (Honolulu, Kahului)
  3. Island Air (Kahului)
  4. Mesa Airlines (Honolulu)
  5. Mokulele Airlines (Honolulu)

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